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       North America's Ultimate Guns n' Roses Tribute Show!           


Updated April, 2011 



     GNFNR  Headlines     

Avoid the traffic for Canada Day (an example of what they do at Trudeau Park to cars that like sitting in the passing lane )

Check out the Trudeau Park video   


For info go to the parks web site at:  

 rosegunz n 

gnrn roses

GUNZ found back in Trudeau Park for Canada Day

July 1  has GNFNR doing a return appearance just after playing the park for their big May 24 bash. This is a BYOB Party for the weekend, or just for the Night. Hosted by the parks one & only "Casey", who wants the band because of their  2.5 hour Concert show to Guns n' Roses.


Vegas Axl in Buffalo  with  U.S. Band   Feb 19/05                             Ax in Buffalo at Rock n' Roll Heaven

FN' Rosez front man did a one night appearance with a gnr tribute from Ohio 2 weeks ago. The club manager Dave "Buff" Buffano was going to have to cancel the show but instead made a call to the land of no hockey and great beer for help. Reports say the singer for a U.S based  "Paradise City" had lost his voice???? (wouldn't he sound more like the real Axl)  Since Gunz N'FN' Rosez has played in the U.S on many occasions (in the past) Dave thought  it was worth the effort. He had advertised and  promoted  the show at his club, Rock N' Roll  Heaven on WBUF 92.9 in Buffalo.Coincidentally  it's the same station that carries the Howard Stern  show which had the singer on when they were in Las Vegas last year.       

                   Josh & James from the U.S.A.'s Gn'R tribute out of Ohio.      

Click for Video stream from Buffalo


Stage view at Sab Stock Saturday Night Show


GNFNR is in  Nickel Town this week-end to kick- off The Summer of  07.

Bucket Head hands out "Chubby Chicken Balls" at KFC Protest  July 31, 2006

Recently a handful of protesters  joined the local animal rights group protesting in front of a KFC store west of Toronto. The picketers were protesting KFC's alleged poor treatment of chickens. “Extra Crispy”  joined in and showed his support by handing out A&W French Fries and chicken balls to the kids.

gunsnroses  r



Photo courtesy M. Emley  


Sault Ste. Marie date  at The Eastgate debuts "Better"

The return of GNFNR to this college city   saw the boys perform "Better" one of the songs rumored to be released on the  "Chinese Democracy" CD by Axl and Guns n' Roses.Axl's lawyer contacted  Gunz N' FN' Rosez earlier this week in reference to the new material and this website.   


Picture courtesy Dee


Vegas Back in "Perfect Strangers"   










This past Fri Nov 28 th Ax took off the shades  and the kilt to do his interpretation of Ian Gillian for one show at "The Hollywood on the Queensway". The production was provided by techs from "The Tea Party " & "Kim Mitchell".Perfect  Strangers used Deep Purple's Keyboard set-up that  Jon Lord ' played on when D.P. played the Molson Amphitheatre  earlier this year. The Hollywood  now is working on a date with Gunz N' FN' Rosez for early next year .


Rain doesn't Dampen Crowd 's Spirit for GNFNR at Hempfest 2006 Aug29, 2006   


photo oourtesy soo The Rain only fueled the crowd at HempFest as GNFNR thank their supporters

Gunz N' FN' Rosez is one of the hardest acts to follow ....but they had their hands full as the "Bob Marley" tribute "Exodus" featuring Juno award winning "Lazo"  opened for them at this years "Hempfest" week-end. for more news courtesy soo   GNFNR is at The Speak Easy Soo campus for Frosh week this Sunday September 3.

Video   November Rain   R&R Heaven Sept 22/07 above Videos courtesy Rudi Jock

Video   Knocking on Heaven's Door R&R Heaven Sept 22/07

An overwhelming response from those in attendance at Rock n' Roll Heaven 

                          gunz n rosez                                            

 Hit Counter                                              

 Since November 2005 rosegun

 "SWEET CHILD"of the Month

by Johny Crosslin


 GNFNR's  Appetite for your  attention this month is "Tina" 


Outlaws secure  their GUNZ      

The week-end of "extreme camping" ended peacefully at Trudeau Park this past May 24  week-end. The famous Ontario Park, known for it's wild beginning  of  summer party bash kept with it's  tradition  of craziness that hasn't been equaled in any  North American camping  facility . It was  definitely not out of place to see Shania's Twin who was scheduled to  perform in one of the 2 indoor bars to have a number of  OPP officers there  for  her "security" while only 50 ' away, in the same  building at the other bar the Outlaws were providing security for GNFNR. The event seen  road blocks on the lake front road with reports of an attendance of over 1800 at the park.

The men in black secure the FN' Rosez stage  


97.7's  Joe Cahill Gives  Bucket the thumbs up

"Incredible" was Joe Cahill's response to an impromptu "unplugged GNFNR" when Ax &   the Bucket showed up to do a few songs for    Htz-FM's " Rock n" Roll Circus" at Raxx. on March 11 .Cahill compared the experience to the first time he received sex back in 1983....that must make him at least 30 

gnrn rose


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Our answer to the Bud Girls


Pembroke creates a solid wall of rockers from one end of the club to the other for a great night out the last time GNFNR appeared

The Foundation will finally get a taste      After many inquiries from GnR enthusiasts GNFNR  has been invited to Barrie  Sat July,16  to rock it's "Foundation".

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 North America's Ultimate Guns n' Roses Tribute Show!           


Updated April, 2011