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       North America's Ultimate Guns n' Roses Tribute Show!           


Updated May 2011



      GNFNR   Headlines       

Universal Music Delivers Chinese Democracy to GNFNR Nov20, 2008

The most anticipated music release of all time was handed to Gunz N'FN' Rosez ahead of it's release date of Sunday November 23. Vegas from GNFNR took delivery of the long awaited CD today after cruising T. O. in a military Hum -Vee just over a week ago promoting Guns n' Roses first CD release in 17 years. Vegas expressed his thanks to Universal and added  he hoped to meet with them again before   Axl's next CD release.

Toronto's "Booby Ball" has MTV in the House Oct 1, 2007   

 After GnR fans came out for the night ( TTC strike and all), R&R Heaven sets Saturday July 12 as a return date. 

for more show photos


OPP have to Escort GNFNR members from Park July 21, 2007

Farr Park in Haileybury had their out door concert this past week-end that saw some band members thrown out of the Park after the show Saturday night. The band opened for Canadian legend David Wilcox. No charges were laid but OPP assisted security when a small group of the 900 people in attendance decided to stage an impromptu hockey game which included some GNFNR band members. for more photos




Bucket & Slash have some words during the 1st intermission at the Temagami Arena on the July 1st week-end.

The Difference a Day Makes July 15, 2007

Vegas and GNFNR at Johnny B's...(not concerned about being thrown out before this nights performance). He bashes unprofessional security at a recent performance causing issues for fans not being allowed in to see the band. In part of an Axl style rant, he informed last night's crowd at Johnny B's that " it always seems it's the little boys with little dicks and their need to feel that they have some sense of power ... but all they really are......are just fuck'n assholes" . He said this had contributed to the band playing 1.5 hours late. The band started on time for last nights show praising the "Professionalism of the staff at Johnny B's" . A re-date is being stated for this September. for more photos

gunsnroses  roses

A Sudbury Saturday Night clocks 750 in Attendance

FN'  Rosez 2nd home got them some great video and pics they want to post on their site in the coming months. After playing the Cambrian college earlier in the week, their last night in town still showed  their friends  support the band. Ax says "people kept coming up saying they've seen us 2 or 3 times and keep coming back, the support for us here is great, the people in cities like Sudbury make it worth the drive and the weather". There was a storm that week with a snow fall of 30'' forecast, but only about 1/2 of that actually fell.

  courtesy Media Concepts

GNFNR on Canada Day at Temagami Arena. For more photos n roses


No Molson or Bud Girls needed last Saturday night in Minden as these Guns n' Roses girls  prove.

GNFNR  Rock the ROCKCLIFFE Labor Day      Sept 2, 2007

It's become a ritual for the past 4 years, at this small club in this tiny northern cottage community of Minden, Ontario. for photos

Two lovely ladies on the dance floor Saturday night at The Rockcliffe  for more photos


Lenny G during sound check at "The Nightclub last week in Sudbury. The band is off till this Thursday when they arrive in Port Elgin.  for more photos


GNFNR heads to Healy's for MQM Birthday Bash this Saturday Mar.13/07 

Downtown Toronto has Gunz N'FN' Rosez back for the first time in almost a decade. GNFNR appeared as "Tons of Roses" at "The Big Bop" for their first appearance on stage. The band has been all over North America since then and has been looking foreword to this event. Sponsored by "MQM" the St. Patrick's Day party will be open at 9:00 with tickets available at the door.

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 GNFNR's  Appetite for your  attention this month is "Tina" 

Another "Sudbury Saturday Night"...and Friday June 20/07

Photo Courtesy  -Rudi Jock

Toronto's R&R Heaven secures GNFNR for New Years Eve after debut show 

Sept 23, 2007                                 

Minor details are still to be worked out but R&R Heaven has confirmed they will have Gunz N' FN' Rosez with an opening guest TBA for their biggest party night of the year. Check the club for tickets and specials TBA soon. Rock n Roll Heaven Toronto



Picture courtesy Melissa Conrad

"Better Than Christmas" Guns n' Roses Tribute steals holiday  cheer early this year as crowd dances in the street!


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FB Fan                        Photo courtesy - Mike Forbes

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 North America's Ultimate Guns n' Roses Tribute Show!           


Updated May, 2011