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       North America's Ultimate Guns n' Roses Tribute Show!           


Updated July,2007 

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July 14 "Johnny B's", Whitby, Ontario

Hey GnFnR,
Went to your show on Saturday down at Johnny B in Whitby and once again you guys rocked the place big time. Just wanted to say thanks for playing all the great tunes - GnR were the top dogs when I was in high school and university and you guys do it all - not just Appetite but all of there stuff - that's awesome.
Please do come back soon and thanks for a wicked night of rock.
Whitby, Ont.

July 14 "Raxx ",  Brampton, Ontario

To the band of Gunznfnrosez,   I saw you guys play at Raxx in Brampton July 13, and I have to tell you that it was a fucking amazing show.   I dont know if you actually read these emails yourself(I would suspect you do), but to jog your memory I was the guy in the wheelchair that got the guitar solo. I wanted to thank you guys for a fucking memorable night. It was fucking awesome. Hope to see you in Brampton again soon.   Wheelz

July 14 "Raxx ",  Brampton, Ontario

Hey just wanted to say that you guys rocked the house again on Friday at the RAXX keep the rock commin!! c ya justin


Nov 27/06 "Raxx Kingston", Ontario

Hello, you guys fuckin rock! I saw you the last two times you played in Kingston. Amazing! I see you are coming back on the 23rd. I can’t wait!

I noticed that you had a different guitarist in Sept. Not sure of his name... Will he be playing on the 23rd? He was really good. Do you switch

band members all the time or do you have official members? Who are they?

Sweet B.


Nov14/06 "Fiddlers Green", Cambridge, Ontario

Just wanted to say you guys rock!!  I seen your band play a couple of times at Fiddler's Green in Cambridge, and can't believe how close you look to the actual band members, let alone how Axl sounds like the real thing. 
When is the next time you guys are coming back to Cambridge????  Could you possible come back for the December 10th weekend....it's my birthday and it would be an awesome bday present to see you guys again that weekend. 
Keep rockin!!!
Tami from Cambridge


Oct 17/06 "100 Years of Motorcycles Rally", "Spokane, Washington"

I saw Guns N Roses last month in Vegas. I've gotta tell you, while I was VERY impressed with their

performance it was not as much fun as watching your band!! You rock!!

How are you? What have you been up to?

Jennifer Scott









Oct 17/06 "Jersey's, Chatham   

Hey Guys

Saw your show in Chattam over the thanksgiving long weekend.. I must say that you guys rocked that night  (great job) I was wondering if you are planning any Ottawa shows.

Cheers and Rock on



Oct 1/06 "The Foundation", Barrie, Ontario   

hey dudes, it's the crazy blonde from last nights show at the foundation. just wanted to let yas know how much I enjoyed the show.....fuck u guys

rocked......(man my neck hurt this morn....lol, I guess it's been a long while since i did some serious head bangin....lol) anyway I think I said it

last night but the first band I ever saw was gnr and ya know what you guys sounded just as good in fact...BETTER! then they did.....lol


ps you guys gotta come back around this way there's soooooooooo many people I wanna bring out next time they just gotta see the show!



Sept 16/06 "The Place", Brampton, Ontario      

.......on the show on Saturday night at The Place in Brampton, ........I’m still getting over it…musically that is, it was off the hook. 

.I thought the show was pretty badass. I was amazed at not only how “Axel” sounded so much like the real Axel, but how he resembles him. “Slash” (Lenny G?) shreds! That’s all I can pretty much say about him. Bucket Head in all honesty creeps me out, but I’m glad you fused old GNR and new GNR, he was also amazing. “Duff” Mic Cazz was awesome and so was the drummer Jay I believe is his name, the drum solo was killer.

So all in all I thought it was an AMAZING show, the song selection was the best, too bad the stage was a tad small, but regardless a really steallar show. It felt as if I was really watching Guns N Roses, which I might add are one of my favourite bands of all time, along with Metallica and so on.

Damn that show was so good I might have to make the trip to Barrie to watch it again...........

Anyway, rock on, it truly was an awesome show! I still can’t get over the show!



 Sept 16/06 "The Place", Brampton , Ontario       

I just wanted to drop you guys a quick line regarding your performance At Saturday's show. First off, I had never seen you guys perform live, only a few clips from the website, and let's just say I don't think they do you guys justice at all. You guys played extremely well togeter, and the effort put forth by the band is second to none. I was sitting at a table with 8 people, just off of stage right, and it sounded fantastic from there. In fact, you guys have had me smiling since. I can't even count how many people I've told about you guys. Again, Good Work, Awesome performance, and I look forward to seeing you guys perform again.

Regards, John D.(A New Fan)

P.S. Wanna perform at my birthday celebration? :-)


Sept 04/06 "100 Years of Motorcycles Rally", "Spokane, Washington"

I just wanted to say that you were defiantly the best band at the 100 Years of Motorcycle Rally in Rosalia, WA. You were my favorite part of the event. After I heard you I decided to get a GNR cd...I like you guys better. Anyways, I hope I get to see you again soon.


Aug,25/06 "Strausers", Port Elgin, Ontario   

Sup folks,

I would like to start by personally thanking you for an amazing show… out of all the bands my boss  has booked, that was the best show I’ve ever seen.  I was working yes, but I was also loving every minute of it.  You guys were fuckin’ amazing.  From the people who went to the bar that night, they said that had an amazing time, and want Jim to book you guys again.. and me as well.

            Another aspect that I loved about you guys, you were really friendly, and kind.  Most of the other bands just wanted to get their money and leave.  Where as you before, during and after the show, showed everybody there respect and kindness.  And that is what impressed me the most.

Hopefully I can make it down to T.O. to chill with you guys, or have a pint or two… perhaps learn some GNR bass riffs.  Well once again, on behalf of myself and my friends that saw the show at strauser’s, I’d like to say thank you and man you guys fuckin’ rock.

Yours truly, Andy 


Aug,20/06 "100 Years of Motorcycles Rally", "Spokane, Washington"

Hey I went to the concert last night and thought you guys were awesome. Hope you guys get out and become more known. Anyways I was kinda curious on where buckethead got his mask, it seems somewhat familiar from something but I'm not sure what. Think you guys could email me some sheet music that I can learn to play guitar off of, I just got my guitar a few weeks ago and I can't find any teachers in the town I live so I can't learn it, if not could you lead me in a direction in which I could find something to learn off of. I ask you because I like the music you guys played and I like Guns N' Roses also just don't know where to find any music. Thank you for reading my email and keep playing. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!

Aug,19/06 "100 Years of Motorcycles Rally", Spokane, Washington"

  - You kicked ass.

I think the title alone explains how great you were. In my opinion you were the best band of the 5 that played on the main stage. Hope you guys come back next year. Keep kickin’ ass.



Hey I went to the concert last night and thought you guys were awesome. Hope you guys get out and become more known. Anyways I was kinda curious on where buckethead got his mask, it seems somewhat familiar from something but I'm not sure what. Think you guys could email me some sheet music that I can learn to play guitar off of, I just got my guitar a few weeks ago and I can't find any teachers in the town I live so I can't learn it, if not could you lead me in a direction in which I could find something to learn off of. I ask you because I like the music you guys played and I like Guns N' Roses also just don't know where to find any music. Thank you for reading my email and keep playing. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!


Hi Folks,

I’m losing a $20 bet with a buddy.  I bet that Guns N’ Roses sang “Every Rose has its Thorn”, originally by Poison, somewhere along the line.  There are many references to this in the Internet but no hard evidence and nothing to download.  So, I’m now convinced that they never did sing it but I don’t want to give up on my $20.  My request to you is could you sing it as a G N’ R song and sell me the MP3.  If so, please let me know your price and timeline.





  was at your show last night at parc place oshawa  with my girlfriends just giving you a shout  to let you  know  we had a great time  you guys rocks. had a chance to have a smoke with lenny\ slash  he actually thank us  for coming  thought  it was pretty cool  looking forward to seeing you guys again.
Thx  for coming to the oshawa


You guys ROCK!!!! I seen you at the kent in Wallaceburg and just loved the

show. You wanted to know what we do here.. well I work 12 hrs a day 4 days a

week and lately Friday to. My weekend is for going to see bands like you

when I don't have my 9 yr son..But hope you guys stay cool!!

talk to you soon..



Hey guys whats going on...  umm my name is Jess  i went to your concert in temagami on the weekend and it fucken rocked... i loved it and so did all the people  i have talked to... umm well  i just wated to let you guys know that you kicked ass and i wanna go and watch you guys again sometime... well umm bucket head( id ont know your name) sorry but thatnx for the KFC bucket... ha all my friends are mad at me...ah...and umm Slash....just wanted to let you  know that   you are a babe...  lol.. love the percings... ah.. welll you all did a  awsum job and you have to come back to TEmagami again... ( it gives us something to do...) well any ways i gottta go.. umm   once again you  guys  KICKED ASS!!! Later....(Jess)




We seen you at the Foundation in Barrie, you guys were amazing yet again, first time we seen you with buckethead as we seen you a few months ago at the Corral in Stroud.  Great show , however we did prefer the set up in Stroud, too small of a stage at the Foundation, and it was friggn hot in there, don't know how you did it , but you guys ROCKED the house.  Love all the outfit changes AXL , you have one hell of a voice!!!  SLASH , oh cutie SLASH we Love you!!!, LOL!!!  Hope to see you guys again soon in the Barrie area, we'll be there!!!


Kerri from Barrie




So, I was in Sault Ste. Marie visiting my boyfriend (now fiance) and he noticed that there was a Guns n' Roses tribute to be playing there a few days after I was supposed to leave.  However, in a marvellous turn of events, the college profs all went on strike, and I got to stay an extra few weeks, which allowed me to stay and see the show.

It was pretty awesome, I must say- and as much of a sap as I can be sometimes- I cried during "Patience".  Y'see, it's held a very special place for me since the lyrics fit mine and my fiance's situation so well (long distance relationship) and he once told me it would be the song I'd be singing our children as a lullaby.  So, yeah.... awwwwww, I'm such a sap, and wanted to thank you for playing that song. :)  It was all I could do to lean on his shoulder and "shed a tear".

Anyway!  The only thing that dissapointed me (oh nooo!) was that you guys played "Better", and I made a solemn vow to myself not to listen to any of the leaked songs before the album was released!  It was still pretty awesome that it was the first time you guys did it on stage, though, so I guess I'll survive.  Heavy sigh. ;)

Well, thanks again for a great evening- and my first time at a bar, at that!  Heh.

Keep on rockin' in the freeeee world!




I saw you guys in Rochester back in 2002 when you recorded the sweet child mp3. I spoke to Axal about me being a web designer. I can't believe it took me this long to look you guys up. You guys have to come back to Rochester!!



Hey, I wanted to let you know you guys sound GREAT. Axl's voice is hard to match and you got it down great. I was checking out Guns N Roses cover bands and the vocals in your's are the best from what I've heard. Guitar solo in Sweet Child kicked ass too. I'm going to see Buckethead in Towson, MD on March 20, do you guys know if he's still with Guns N Roses? That should be a good show. Get back to me, I'd love to hear from you! You Rock!!


Hey Guys,
I'd thank each member individually for the great show you performed last Saturday at the Corral in Stroud, but I can't remember any names because I think I loosened something when I was shaking my head around to the flawless playing of songs like Civil War, the opener Welcome to the Jungle, and My Michelle.  Special thanks for playing Paradise City for the encore.  A co-worker of mine had tickets with me to see the show, but he had his son over for the weekend and it was his birthday, and the band signed a poster for him and he loved it - my most heatfelt thanks to the band, and special cudos to the new guitarist representing Slash - perfect emulation of Slash's live stage antics, and Axl's running through the crowd with the Confederate flag had everyone in the bar screaming - absolutly flawless show and you guys have a fan for life.
Hope to see you in the Barrie, ON area again,
Joe H.


We seen you guys play at the Corral and you guys were fn AWESOME!!!!!!  You guys ROCK!!!  What a great show and great likeness to the real band, it was a great and fun night, hope you come back to the Corral or to Barrie  sometime soon!!!!


Kerri S. from Barrie


First I must say thank you for putting on an amazing show at the Sports Garden in Whitby on Friday night. We all had an awesome time and just

wanted to thank you for it. I must apologize to Ax who sat on my lap and got a little too excited and grabby....sorry, but I did enjoy it. Thanks

to Lenny who let me watch him change....I will be stalking you soon, watch for me! You guys are the best and we can't wait to see you again. Please

come to the Durham Region again soon. YOU Fn' ROCK! From your newest stalker/ fan, Julie. Thanks again! I'll be seeing you soon.


Hey, I wanted to let you know you guys sound GREAT. Axl's voice is hard to match and you got it down great. I was checking out Guns N Roses cover bands and the vocals in your's are the best from what I've heard. Guitar solo in Sweet Child kicked ass too. I'm going to see Buckethead in Towson, MD on March 20, do you guys know if he's still with Guns N Roses? That should be a good show. Get back to me, I'd love to hear from you! You Rock!!


Hey guys, i caught the show at the University of Windsor LAst night, i

couldn't of imagined anything more. You guys rocked the stage. Ill be there

for your next windsor show!

Hear Today, Gone To Hell!



How is it going guys? Me and my boyfriend are huge fans of GnR, probably one of their biggest fans. I have personally loved GnR since I was about 8

years old, and I am 22 right now. First time we saw you guys play was at the Octane bar in Windsor. You guys seemed like the real deal. We are

going to go see you guys tomorrow at the University of Windsor Pub and I can't wait. Every time you guys are in Windsor, we will defenetly be there.

See ya tomorrow,



saw you guys in Ingersoll last night just wanted to let you know at first i didnt wanna go but im glad i did you guys were great..and Lenny is hot lol.

 Hope to see you guys again real soon



You Fu?ken Rock Tash LOL All I have to say is that you guys are amazing I

really hope that you play here again Jenn & I will be there front and

center. Thanks for such a great time and the drum stik & pick it really

made the night memorable.


YOU FUCKEN ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!



you guys fuckin rock man
I was at cherry bombs when you were playing there
i was the guy in the front row with the top hat
you guys fucking RULED!

Hey man, I'm just writing to say that you guys rocked on Saturday at Hype. It was so FN' Awesome. We still can't get over it. The show was so good that I went to BON JOVI on Monday at the ACC and I had great seats but I was bored to tears, because your show was so awesome, this didn't even compare. Me and  my friend were the two people dressed up for your show, My friend was in a tie dye shirt and he spray painted "Welcome to the Jungle" on it. and we even had  Axl Rose cut off shorts and I was wearing the White GNR shirt. Also incase you didn't see when Ax touched the fans a fat gurl stumbled back and almost fainted.That was FN' Awesome. Me and my friend was so pumped after the show that we almost got arrested. Also there was a girl in blue and she was in tears when you guys played "November Rain." The new Slash was FN' Awesome I must have gave him like 20 cigarettes(that was me!) That was soo cool that I was able in interact with the band by giving Slash Ciggs and he wore my head tie. I only have one complaint, some fatt lady took the drum stick that the drummer gave me, and I was also almost robbed for my shirt (but that part was cool). And Buckethead WAS SO FN' COOL. My friend who wasn't a big GNR Fan before was  hypnotized by Buckethead. And the way that Ax took control of the stage and the swagger left us yearning to be rock stars like you guys. Hey Ax I just have like one favour to ask you, me and my friend kept bragging to our friends but we have no pics to show them, Please Ax could you put up some more shots of the show. Please. Also we wanna go to the windsor show's could you give us somemore info. (i.e. where it is) ok man. I've been sitting here for like 20 mins writing this e-mail  and I gotta go now my teacher is naggin at me. see ya.



Best show of my life u guys rocked the house. You guys are the best rock tribute band i have ever heard. I was so pumped after the show that i gave the cops the finger on the way home and almost got arrested!! Come back to the Greater Toronto area to really rock sometime.. Well be there!

Hello  Just a quick word to know how you are doing with your band. I saw

your web site: very nice! I saw pictures from your visit at Howard Stern:

how was it? Hope to hear from you soon. Take care! Your friend and long time

Guns N Roses Fan (still waiting for the upcoming album!)




Hey there!  Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your show Saturday night at the Rim Rock Pub in Ajax.  After taking a look at your website you must have been bored out of your skulls!!!.  Hope you guys will come back soon.  You were amazing!
Cindy (Ajax, ON)
PS.  If you are going to be in the area, let me know and I will pass the word around.


Hey guy's how's it going. Hope all is going well with your shows. I have

been to a few shows and thought they were just fantastic.would like to go to

a few more and help out as much as i can.your friend.


THE THING...............AL

Hey guys you really rock!!!

Long life to Gunz!

Cheers from italy.

I'm a guitar player too and i'll put your link on my band website.

Stay tune ;-)


Hey Ax,

Those are all the pics that I have ~ my friend took a few more and I think that she sent them to you.  Thanks so much again, you guys are amazing and we really had a great time.  I think we are gonna come to the Brampton show in October! Can’t wait to see you guys again!

Thanks again!



I finally took a moment to check out your web site & I'm so glad I did !!! It looks great & I'm going to try & make it to your show in Brampton at Raxx on Oct.21st !

I miss seeing your show so I'm looking forward to seeing you & the guys again.



Hey...Man I've been listening to Gn'R Ill...1&2 lately and need a fix of Gn'R live!!Why the frigg can't they get it together? Do you guy's dress like Gn'R? I'm from Goderich just North of London. Do you play around London or any place close? Well check ya later...Mike...UpTheIrons


Wondering if you have any plans to come back out to the Durham Region.  I see I just missed you at Rim Rock.  Wondering if you'll be back out this way ... a little further East maybe (Whitby / Oshawa areas)?? 
Black Angel


Thank you for a great show at Octane. My wife loved it.. and she is not a a ROCK N ROLL FAN !
Good job hope to see you again in Windsor ...




I saw you guys in Minden @ the RockCliffe on Saturday ~ my first time ~ and you rocked my world!! I can’t get over how amazing you are and how much fun we all had.  There were about 15 of us there and we had a killer time!  We are all from Mississauga and you guys should definitely come play here some time soon!  We will definitely see you in October in Brampton or the Hammer and once we get our pics online I will send some over for sure!!  So I just wanted to say thanks and I love you guy!


Keep it Real!




I just noticed your band is coming to Bridgewater, N.S. on August 20th!  I will be there to see you.. haha...Looking forward to seeing ya!  Shoot me a line..


Damn good show you guys put on in Barrie last Saturday, really impressive. What time will you guys start the all ages show Sunday night in Brampton? My little guy and I plan on being there, shit, I may come out Saturday night too, sure beats the fuck out of an Elvis festival. Have a good one...later.    Jim 

Hi guys, I just had to drop you a line and thank you all once again for the most amazing show I have ever had the privilege to participate in at The Foundation.  It was great!  I loved that you played from 11 until closing.  It was awesome.  Please come back soon :)  Oh ya, when you get shirts made up I want the first one.


Hey guys.

I know it's a bit late, but, I was wondering if you had or wanted an opening act for the Sunday show in Brampton. We're a Brampton based alt-rock band called 15 Minutes. My name's Armand and I manage/front the band. I've heard your stuff and it's fucking awesome. Can't wait for the 24th. If you need any info on our band check out our website at www.15minutes.cjb.net or email me with any info you need. It'd be an honour. Thanx guys. See you @ the show!


 KEEP ON ROCKIN BOYS   Shane Etobicoke

Hey guys,  Just wondering if you are ever coming to Barrie for a show...I saw you at the Roxx years ago and WOW. How much do you guys charge....I could prob get you back here for sure


Hey guys. You should come to montreal. There are a lot of guns n roses fans and we want to see you!!! You should come to Le Medley which is a bar where a lot of tribute bands play. There is a internet site.

I think I've found a good bar for a show in Niagara Falls. Kind of a shithole, but perfect for GnR style shit. After I talk to the owner, I'll email ya.


hey guys!!!, i had just recently heard your band perform in North Bay at Wylders this past weekend & i must say i was very impressed, i love G N R for a long time now & you guys kicked ass, i was just inquiring on if you have a CD out or can compose one for myself, please let me know, & buckethead you are the best, thanks for comin to the Bay & hope to see you guys again, i will be coming to Sudbury to watch you preform in June, keep up the good work guys!!!



Whats up guys! I saw you rock the Penny Arcade in Rochester New York a couple years back, and I've been craving more ever since. You guys put on a kick ass show and I loved every minute of it. I just found your website and saw you guys are big time with Howard Stern and everything. Congrats! I just wanted to email you guys to see if you plan on coming back to rochester anytime soon. Please come back!


i was wondering where "Slash" got the replica of the top hat that the real slash wears? i'm a big fan of Slashs and cant find it anywhere. I"d greatly appreciate it. thank you.


When are you next in Sudbury?  (this site hasn't been updated in over a month)



Hey guys   
when are your upcoming shows? Would like to check you out, hear your great!
Hi I call myself to alexander and I am of Brazil I lowered one mp3 of the band and liked the best band very to cover of the GNR would like to know as I can I obtained other videos and others mp3? if they will be able to answer I go to be thankful..... forgives for my English ok I wait the reply.... if somebody of the band will have MSN MESSNGER and will be able informs ok success the band is the best one of the world


hows it going, we finally got the email on new computer to work so here is a picture of me in front of the gnfnr wall put it on your site if you like.Looking forward to seeing you guys at allstars in brampton in october. Just reminding you that we want to bring our video camera let me know if thats ok! Anyhow have a good one
Rock on Karen and Shayne

A few friends and myself caught the show in Sault Ste. Marie last night at the Canadian. We waited in long lines on the International Bridge to see a tribute band of our favorite group, GNR. It was a great show until your front man expressed his political opinions and basically called the Americans stupid, money hungry neanderthals. We found it ironic how we came to watch a tribute of an "All American Band" who waves the confederate flag but trashes american patriotism. Needless to say, we left. We don't care what your opinion is, we don't want to hear iteither. Keep your political opinions to your self, especially when your performing in a border town. We just came to hear the music! - Scottie, U.S.A.

Hi, Just wanted to say, I really enjoyed myself at PattieHouse July 3rd seeing Gunz N' FN' Rosez, it was quite the experience, also you got great food. Hopefully I will be able to come up again. - Carole K  Napanee, ON ( from the Pattie House web site's guest book )

Hi,.Great show. The guy on the dance floor, w/ the Afro wig and the unbuttoned shirt was a nice added touch. So you're all going to be bums for the summer and hang out by the pool side, with no regard to such die hard fans as myself?.....LOL....That's ok, you deserve a break. Let's try and keep in touch though.Have a good one. Say hi to everybody for me...you Guys rock!!! Maria -Milton ,Ontario

Hi guys get your arses over to England we are swamped with Byjovi lookalikes but no G n R's!! Love Maz xxxx -Marilyn A. Liverpool,  England

hi, my name is karen and l am a very big fan of guns n roses and l have seen you guys five times and l love you guys so much for you sing incredible and sound just like axl rose(the hottest man alive besides my fiancee) you guys give me my gunners fix and l want to continue seeing you so please keep in touch and let me   know when your in mississauga or toronto or brampton!!!!! l have autograph things by you a drum stick a drum cymbal cover and 2 posters, if you get any info on axl please let me know!!!!! also shayne and l would love to get the words to madagascar,we don't have the greatest computer in the world so please send me  the words you sang it fucking amazing at raxx!!!!!!! you are the best cover band l have ever seen l fucking love you!!!!!!!!

I saw the concert at Raxx last friday... During the concert, just before Civil War, your Axl said Japanese and Chinese are the cause of the SARS.. I am not a japanese or chinese but as an asian I was shocked by your racial discrimination. After that, I left the concert right away.. I am a big Guns N' Roses fan and I have watched almost all GN'R concert but never heard Axl said like that. I know the band is very talented and I witnessed it. However, I think you guys should be careful when you say something to audiences. Please remember. In toronto, there are many asians living. -Sg. Tkwon Toronto

Boise, Idaho, I heard you were on Stern i missed that. but maybe i will catch a re-run, yeah im actually someone you would least expect to like GN'R because im only 18. but i heard GN'R once and i was hooked! when i first really liked them i wanted to start a tribute band myself, but we moved and that took alot of time, so that kinda fizzled...i saw Guns here in 2002....it was the concert where Axl was introducing the band and right before he introduced bucket head he said "and on guitar is..." someone in the crowd yelled SLASH!!! and that kinda pissed him off, lol...but anywasy keep it up, and maybe i will catch you guys some time some where...peace out laterz.

its me your #1 fan I would like to say last nights gig was greatI would like it if you could give me a list of your tour dates so I could go to some of them. also your guitarist slash has my triple H lighter I forgot to get it back from him but its all good. I just like to say one last time thanks for the great night.
your #1 fan Brian.-Chicago, U.S.A.   

Hey,What's going on?  You mean your playing in England? That's great! I didn't know that you played at the Penny Arcade.Are
you gonna play there again? That would be awesome! I'm not familiar with Buffalo but I'm sure that someone at work would know.                    Well I have to go for now.Keep in touch, Becky


Hey there Ax, haven't heard from you in a bit and wondering if you lost my e-mail.I told a few of my friends about your band and we were thinking of trying to get out to see one of your gigs. Are there any coming up in the area soon? or maybe the European Tour is calling you out of town a little tooo often! Take care,
Hope to see you soon Bill

Hi there: I like watching you guys play so I occasionally come to the site to check out if there's anything there.  Great Band - shit website!None of the links work.  Any plans to get  this active? p.s. Say hi to warren for me. chris

How's it going I heard about your apperances on howard stern.Good for you!!!.Cool pictures on the web site!!! Any info on the real Axl Rose? I watched the story of guns n roses and taped it, but it was all on velvet revolver which l can't stand.What do you think of them?Any how l am dying to see you again so l wonder when you will come back to heads n tails or you should come to place called the wolves howl!!! Here's the number (905)272-9563. HOPING TO SEE YOU SOON!!!!!!!! YOUR BIGGEST FAN KAREN - Toronto, Canada

Hey, How is it going? I see from below you were on the Howard Stern show! How was the Stern Man? It's too bad I missed it. By the time I got the info I was in the office and I couldn't tune in. I assume you've been keeping busy...I want to come see you guys again at the Hardball in Milton. This time we'll have to meet and great for sure. Keep in touch! Cheers, M.C. -Toronto, Canada

hi! i just wanted to make sure that you would be making a stop at the rockcliff in minden once again this summer! we loved it last year and we want to be able to experience it all over again! please let us know what your summer schedule looks like! thanks! aj

Excellent! Hope things are going well for you guys... Is Buckethead still playing with you guys? Are you guys planning on coming back to eastern ontario soon? Mike -Montreal

Hi there, I just wanted to tell you guys that I loved your show. I was at Norma Jeans in London on Friday night.I'm glad I took my friends advice and came out to see you, couldnt' of asked for better entertainment. I was a major fan of G' N' R in the 80's I loved the wardrobe too, looked just like Axl and bucket head. Keep up the great work and I hope to see you back in London soon (summer????) Your new fan Lisa  -London,Canada


hey you guys are pretty good! i have heard some shitty tribute bands and yours is the best i have heard! keep it up! -Boise, Idaho

Hi guys, Great show last Friday night. I'm so glad I was there. Thanks a lot for the CD. I'll definitely burn a hole in it before I'll take it out of my CD player.I tell you, I screamed so much, I still sound like Janis Joplin on a bad day.I wanted to come say hi, but I couldn't find an appropriate moment. Hey there's always next time.Please let me know when you guys are playing in the area again. You'll be sure to find me there.Thanks again. Maria -Brampton, Canada

We have a shitload of people driving up to Brampton tonight to Raxx AND one of our friends is a fan of yours and is also an announcer on Z1035 fm in Toronto (another friend we have recruited) he announced your show on the Z103 morning show today and told listeners thats where he'd be tonight. Nice! free publicity.Kelly -Toronto,Canada

Hey Guys, Just wanted to say that I saw you guys last weekend at the Hardball for the very first time and I can't tell you enough how blown away I was by your performance!!!!!! I'll be sure to check you out again at your next show in Brampton. Cheers, Mary  -Toronto

heh ax how was your tour? did you meet alot of fans like me who think your as close to the real thing there is!!! I love you guys so much, l have seen you 6 times, l am the one that gets you to sign posters after the show!!!! l can't wait to see you again, probably at raxx on march 19 hopefully; l can't make any promisesbecause l live in mississauga. But l will try!!!!!! In the end l would like to remind you l am your #1 fan!!!!!!! yours truly -Karen

hi is there any chance that you come to Motreal.There s a good place for you guys.  It s called the Medley.  Im sending you the link.  Maybe you can contact them.  It would be great ...http://www.medley.ca/  There s a place where you can rent the place...Thanks LAurent Lépine -Montreal

Hi it’s Alex I met you at the hard rock bar in Vegas here’s the info for California clubs.  Let me know if you need anymore info.  Thanks and I hope to see you guys down here some day.  Like I said L.A. is dying for some Gn’R.   

My name is Stavro and I represent Pete's Club (a nightclub) in Jasper, Ab.I was wondering if you guys were coming out west to play any shows. If your interested or looking for some booking dates please e-mail me with some details. Thanks, Stavro

Hey guys, Just letting you know your show was awsome. If you ever need any event staff for any of your concerts, drop me a line. Shawn -Sudbury,Canada

hello,my name is peter and I hope you can help me out.I collect guitarpicks from bands all over the world.Is it possible to send me one of  GUNZ N FN ROSEZ you would make my day!! grtz pete -BELGIUM,EUROPE

Hey guys; Saw you guys at "Rock N Roll Heaven". Just wanted to say Great show! Come back soon Hey there WAR :) Take care...Mary :)  

 Hi, I have seen you guys a couple of times in Toronto, and enjoy the show every time.  My friends and I were supposed to see you when the black out happened, so we obviously did not. Do you have any shows scheduled in Toronto coming up? Thanks, pam  

Hey,That would be great if you could come back to Millenium. You guys were awesome!!!Where have you played before in the US and Where are you guys going next?  I know a lot of die hard Guns'n'Roses fans. Gotta go for now
See you in
Rochchacha, Becky

Hello, I am a photographer. I have photographed Slash, Tracii Guns, and Gilby Clarke.My son is a huge GnR fan. I am certain he would like to see you guys perform. Are you planning any New Jersey/New York appearances? If so, do you allow photos? I would like to do a photo shoot of the band as they play.Thank you. Michael.

was just wondering if u were playing anywhere in the rochester ny area in the near future.

Hello , I hope I got the right email address for Gunz NFN Rosez band, they were just in Winnipeg at the Livewire.  Do they have a website?  Is there a list of where they are playing this year and are they coming back to Winnipeg at all?  They were absolutely perfect!  I met the drummer on the Saturday night they played Nov. 24th.  We had a good chat.  Maybe you could say hi for me just tell him don't use anymore black hair dye and if any of the other band members pick on him (being the drummer) I'll sick my dog on them. If he still doesn't remember who I am I was the blonde, he said he used to have hair like me.  What is his name if he doesn't mind me asking?  I just want to put a name to that face. Oh by the way, they were video taping the show and the crowd just wondering what they do with the tape cause I am on it and if you are going to make me a star I need time to prepare,  he he he just kidding I am just curious.


Hi Axal how are you? haven't heard from you latley. Are you coming to Rochester agian soon? If so I cant wait to see yas agian. I have moved since the last time I talked to ya and will be moveing agian the 3rd week in July, Tampa. So I hope to see yas befor I leave if not good luck and keep in touch.Casey

Hey, I did come out to see you on Friday.  Good show.  Too bad about the sound troubles in the first set (hard to hear you/feedback).  Good show
overall though.  Had to leave at Nightrain though, because the friends I was with wanted to and they were my ride. About the new drummer and lead, both were excellent.  Drummer was really into it and lead played all the parts well which is hard to do. Also, any advice on to how to start my own GNR cover band?  I basically would just like to find players to jam with but am having trouble meeting some.  Your band is cool, but I don't know enough songs yet, so that is why I thought I should look for new players so we can learn together?? Thanks, Andrew

Hardball Sat  I hope your concert was a blast - I cannot believe I just totally forgot - I'm sorry - I do not know what's wrong with me these days but my brain is like a sieve. It wasn't until this morning when I realized........I'm sure I missed a good one! Take Care .......Joanna :-)





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